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What is PF Return Filing ?

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is a scheme controlled by the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. Employee Provident Fund Scheme is one of the most useful employee beneficial scheme introduced by Ministry of Labour. PF registration is mandatory for employers who have more than 20 employees in their organization. The contributions for Provident Fund are made both by the employer and the employee every month. Annual returns of PF is a must and it has to be filed by the 30th of April every year. Form 3A and Form 6A are the two forms used to file annual Provident Fund return. The filing of returns must be completed by the 25th of each month.

During the working tenure, employee and employer both contribute 12 percent of the basic salary of employee into EPF account. Employee's entire 12 percent goes into EPF account and Employer's 3.67 percent is transferred into EPF account of employee. Rest 8.33 percent from employer's side is diverted in Employees Pension Fund (EPF).

Benefits of PF Return Filing
  • Compliance with Law- Any company complying with the requirements of EPF will be benefitting from the scheme. ESI returns keeps the total ESI process transparent indicates what the company has actually contributed.
  • Employees Welfare- It gives the organisation a moral view as they are interested in the employees welfare. The employees will understand that the organisation values the welfare of the employees.
  • Social Security- The PF process is totally taken care by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India. Such organisation regulates the entire process of PF registration. Hence complying with such systems makes the entire process hassle free.
  • Medical Benefits- The employee can withdraw six times his or her worth salary or the entire PF amount based on whichever is lesser at that point of time for medical expenses during emergencies.
  • Insurance Benefits- As per Employee Deposit Linked Insurance scheme, in any organization where group insurance scheme is not available to the employees, through (EDLI) scheme employees can secure the benefits of insurance. For this 5% of the monthly contribution must be paid as a premium for this form of insurance to be applicable.
Documents required for filing PF return
  • Copy of the Challans for payment of PF.
  • Digital Signatures
  • Employee wise breakup of the PF contribution received and made.
Due date for Filing PF Returns
  • The due date for Monthly Challan remittance to Bank for PF is 15th of Every Month
  • The due date for Monthly PF returns is 25th of Every Month
  • The due date for yearly returns is 30th April every year
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