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What is Provisional Patent Application Services?

A provisional patent application is a preliminary step and is obtained to get protection before being able to file a complete patent. To get a complete patent, a lot of details of the design and its specifications are required. Filing a provisional patent application doesn’t mean that the patent application will be examined and granted, but the filing date is secured or reserved for the invention.The date of filing the provisional patent application may thus be called an effective filing date. When you are at a stage in your research and development work where it can be disclosed on paper but it’s not a final invention, then you can prepare a description of the invention as a provisional specification and submit it to the patent office to secure the priority date of the invention.

Procedure for Provisional Patent Application
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  • Get a callback from our expert team
  • Make online Payment
  • Filing your application
Benefits of Filing Provisional Patent Application*
  • Secures priority date for invention: Provisional patent application helps to secure priority date for an invention when it is in the early stage of development.
  • Cost-effective: The provision for provisional patents is given under that Act to ensure that in the case where the investor/inventor does not have the financial threshold to file for a complete patent or hire a patent agent, they are given time to do so. The cost of filing for a provisional patent is considerably lower compared to that of a complete patent.
  • Time: Provisional application gives 12 months’ time interval until the complete application is filed.
  • Scope to continue R&D: It makes it easy when an invention needs more Research & Development and testing, then provisional patent application can be filed to protect the concept and inventor can continue further development of the concept and file complete patent application within 12 months’ from provisional application filing.
  • Interim protection: When one file for a provisional patent and the filing is approved, the filer is then protected for 12 months from the date of the initial filing. This ensures that in the meantime, they further improve their invention or are given time to do whatever they need to do before obtaining a complete patent.
  • Commercial Aspects: Giving the 12 months’ time to test the commercial potential of the invention and the market viability.
  • Abandonment: When a person has a provisional patent and wishes to abandon trying to get a complete patent, he may do so without worrying about the cost of the whole process which will help you to save thousands of rupees, you otherwise would have spent on directly going for a complete patent application, and if at all decided to abandon it in between for some reasons.
  • Scope for product to improve: Filing a complete patent application at a very early stage of the invention may not get you the fullest potential of the invention, filing a provisional application secures your priority date. The provisional patent application gives an opportunity to the applicant to improve the invention after filing the provisional application, thus avoiding filing a complete patent application at the very early stages of the invention which could be a mistake and saving cost for an applicant to add more description to the complete patent application at a later date.
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