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What is GST Return Filing (Monthly)?

GST or Goods and Services Tax replaced the numerous different taxes which were levied by Central and State governments on different products or services. GST return is a document that will contain all the details of your sales, purchases, tax collected on sales (output tax), and tax paid on purchases (input tax). Once you file GST returns, you will need to pay the resulting tax liability (money that you owe the government). Every individual who is covered under the GST Act must produce their income to the Tax Department of India. Under this system of taxation, concerned individuals must file their GST return 26 times in a year. While business owners have to go for goods and services tax filing two times every month, they must also file two additional times half-yearly.

Who should file GST return?

All business owners and dealers who have registered under the GST system must file GST returns according to the nature of their business or transactions.

  • Regular Businesses.
  • Businesses registered under the Composition Scheme.
  • Amendments.
  • Auto-drafted Returns.
  • Tax Notice.

Note : Taxpayer has to file Form GSTR-3B even if there is no business activity. (Nil Return).
Amendment of Form GSTR-3B is not allowed.

Types of GST Returns

There are quite a few types of GST filing that have their specific forms. These forms are listed below-

Form Particulars
GSTR - 1 Carries details of taxable goods or services, or both as well as that of outward supplies.
GSTR 2 Carries details of inward supplies related to taxable goods and/or services, along with ITC claim.
GSTR 3 Includes details of monthly returns based on finalised detail related to inward and outward supplies.It also includes details of total tax payable.
GSTR-3B Simple return in which summary of outward supplies along with input tax credit is declared and payment of tax is affected by the taxpayer.
GSTR 4 Carries details related to Quarterly Return filing, specifically for compounded tax liabilities of specific individuals.
GSTR 5 Includes details of GST return filing for non-resident foreign individuals.
GSTR 6 Serves as the form for Input Service Distributors to file returns.
GSTR 7 Serves as the form facilitates Return filing for authorities initiating TDS.
GSTR 8 Carries supply details for e-commerce operators along with the tax amount collected as per sub-section 52.
GSTR 9 Serves as the form to file Annual Returns.
GSTR 9A Includes details to file Annual Returns relative to Compounding taxable individuals registered u/s 10.
GSTR-9C Certified reconciliation statement
GSTR-10 Final return to be filed by a taxpayer whose GST registration is cancelled.
GSTR-11 Details of inward supplies to be furnished by a person having UIN and claiming a refund
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