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What is Change of Registered Office Address ?

Every company incorporated in India must have a registered office address. It is a principal place of business. All official correspondence from the Registrar is sent to this office. For any reason, you may have to shift your principal place of business be it within the city, within a state, or in a different city or in a different state altogether an initiation to ROC is must. The registered office of a company is that to which official correspondence and all formal legal notices addressed to the company will be sent.

Every company who has shifted registered office must give notice to Ministry within 30 days of such change. However, a special resolution is needed in the case registered office has been shifted to another city in the same state. In the case where a registered office has been shifted from one state to another, the Company has to complete certain formalities. It must then give a newspaper advertisement and also a notice to the State Government and obtain NOC.

Documents required to change the Registered Office Address
    Within the same city / state
  • Proof of registered office address of the company
  • NOC from the owner of new premises or copy of property ownership documents.
  • Copy of bills such as electricity bill, water bill, etc.
  • Copy of Special Resolution (Required when registered office changed whithin same state but different cities)
  • From one state to another
  • Copy of Special Resolution passed to amend the MOA.
  • Copy of MOA & AOA of the company.
  • Copy of Notice of general meeting with the statement of explanation.
  • Copy of Minutes of Meeting of the General Meeting.
  • Details of debenture holders and creditors of the company.
Procedure to change the Registered Office Address
    Change of Registered Office with a Different ROC but Same State
  • Incase the company wants to change the registered office from the jurisdiction of one ROC to the other ROC, it has to apply for the approval of the Regional Director (RD) in the manner prescribed in form INC- 23. Once the Regional Director confirms this change, it has to file the same confirmation the ROC within 60 days. The ROC shall confirm the change of the address within 30 days of the filing.
  • Change of Registered Office to Another State
  • A copy of the special resolution sanctioning the alteration by the members of the company.
  • a copy of the memorandum and articles of association
  • A copy of the notice conveying the general meeting along with relevant explanatory statement
  • A copy of the minutes of the general meeting wherein the resolution authorising the alteration.
  • A list of creditors and debenture holders
  • A copy of board resolution or Power of Attorney
  • Document relation to payment of application fee
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